Big Red Flix 63: Goldschlager Nostalgia

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. This week Dave Jitterbug, and Yoshifett discuss, This Is 40, Silver Lining Playbook, Iron Man 3, Django Unchained, and the future of comic book movies. They didn’t have time to get trailer trash, but it made great bonus content for BRB app users.

Check back next week for an all new episode of BRB Flix as the gang starts gushing about Pulp Fiction.

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  1. Cory (not the blogger)

    Regarding what you wanted in terms of character development in Iron Man 3…y’all said you wanted a story about how Tony Stark is living the high life, riding on the popularity of his Iron Man fame, but at the same time falling prey to his self-indulgences and alienating his loved ones, until he gets knocked down a few pegs by his rivals and has to look inside himself to become a better person, and ultimately a better hero, and then go on to save the day.

    So you’re basically saying you want the plot from Iron Man 2?

  2. Cory (not the blogger)

    Oh and his past came back to haunt him, that happened too.

  3. Minnesota groo

    Yoshifett I have the same thing going on, when I watch a movie I hear jitterbugs voice. However I feel like a more educated movie viewer with it. Yoshi, you liked Pacific Rim subconsciously for the voice of Glados in it perhaps? I thought Transformers as I watched the Pacific Rim trailer until the Glados voice.

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