Big Red Barrelcast 13: The Xbox One Son

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums! Dave, Kev and Pacman pontificate about the announcement of the Xbox One and that’s about it.

This time, they ramble on about:

  • The Xbox One
  • The Xbox One
  • The Xbox One
  • The good
  • The bad
  • The ugly
  • The meh
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    I was listening to the podcast when I started thinking. How will rentals work for the XOneBox? If every game has to be registered, how can a company rent the games out more than once? Would Microsoft really be that stupid? They’ve already lost most of their customers by charging full price for pre-owned.

    I am a big fan of The Xbox and the 360 (I like them a lot AND I am fat), and I want to like the new One but that press conference did them no favours. E3 is their last chance as far as I am concerned.

    On a much happier note, great show peeps.

  2. Rentals fall into the same category as used games, so if the worst-case scenario happens, that whole business model will die out. 

    But let’s be clear here, it’s pretty obvious that neither Microsoft nor Sony have figured out a definitive plan for this stuff yet. It’s seems to be a war of speculation even within their own management. Sony are just being far more intelligent and not saying a word on the subject.

  3. Dangerous Brian

    I just want to play games.

  4. sheezcrafty

    All this talk reminds me of the discussions my SO and I had when we decided to get a console. After tons of research we still couldn’t decide, Then Little Big Planet came out , I read the reviews, and felt that based on THAT game, we were getting a PS3. Looking back I think it’s kind of cool that the balance tipped because of a game, the specs of the individual machines didn’t mean much to me at the time.

    No regrets about the decision, I love my console. I think that as a gamer though, I want multiple robust consoles, it’s good for the industry and good for gamers.

    Regarding the name, maybe they were thinking “One to rule them all.” You can have that Microsoft, I’m sure Tolkien won’t mind.

  5. steroidtulip

    Great show guys . I think the whole xbox v playstation will more than likely boil down to this :-

    I had the xbox before , yep and the 360 ; balls to it I’ll get the new one . Same will go for the playstation . a

    Although no one seems to be tuning into the,  “neo” in the xbox , holly corn on the cob the Kinect will put you in the matrix !!!!sunglasses   

  6. Badhaggis

    Neither looks especially interesting to me at the moment to be honest (maybe the PS4 if it gets a decent amount of exclusive titles).


    I’ve already got twice the Ram in my Compute than the Xbox1 will have when it comes out (PS4’s Ram is the GDDR5, so I don’t know how much better that one will be).


    I also like watching TV, on my TV. I don’t need Microsoft telling me what to watch.


    Meh, I’ll be sticking with my Laptop for the next year or so.

  7. Aurochs

    Yeah the entirety of the xbox reveal was fairly meh. Had the brief conversation with a friend who claimed I should wait until more games are shown at E3, but the fact that there was so little emphasis in the initial announcement really puts me off a bit. I’m with the Dangerous one here:

    Dangerous Brian said
    I just want to play games.


  8. Eschonian

    Good ep guys.

  9. They have TVs with Netflix already.

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