Big Red Barrelcast 1: Theme Songs, Tech Minutes & Nintendo


Welcome to the first official episode of the Big Red Barrelcast! PacManPolarBear, Dave and that guy that likes Back To The Future a whole lot, are here to talk about video games! (And a decent amount of other chuff).

On this momentous occasion we discuss:

  • A Theme Song
  • The start of Kev and PMPB’s potentially special relationship
  • Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny Of King Washington
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Willem Dafoe
  • 4K Streaming on PS4
  • Kev’s very improvised Tech Minute
  • Metro: Last Light’s release confirmation
  • Free Uncharted Multiplayer
  • Ubisoft settling into PC
  • Diablo III’s console port
  • Gran Turismo 6 coming to PS3
  • The current status of the Wii U
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

We’d love to give you all some sort of incredible hug immediately followed by a polite conversation about how cool you are, but frankly we can’t afford the travel expenses. So, while we save our pennies, cents, and whatever the heck Canadians use, we’ll offer you some download links to help bide the time. Subscribe here. Here’s the RSS feed.  Leave an iTunes review here. Download the mp3 here.

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  1. SolidJackal

    Great show!

  2. Dangerous Brian

    Yes, another BRB-based piece of podcastery. BRB International!

  3. Official Episode 1 Agenda

    PacManPolarBear -Grab free ME3 Reckoning DLC for PC so someone will play with me – also grab Vanquish from PS+ for free
    Kev – If this game journo thing don’t work out you can always find work as a wedding singer
    Dave – Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea with VICE magazine – thoughts? –

    Game Review/Impressions of the Week:

    PacManPolarBear – Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington Chapter 1 DLC – Gear Rising: Revengeance dropped on Feb 19th – 82 on MetaCritic for 360 (79 for PS3) – both systems have favorable fan review scores (8.1 and 8.3 respectively) 3 also dropped on the 19th – 82 on MetaCritic for PS3 (79 on Xbox and 80 on PC) – fans a little less impressed with fan scores of (6.9, 7.3 and 6.8 respectively)

    This Week in Gaming:
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Leaked Trailer and Early Details – Pirate Captain/Assassin Edward Kenway – Caribbean setting – kills dude then steals his girl – after getting it on with two women earlier in the trailer -leaked trailer says out October 29 – “also coming on next-gen consoles.” PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U & PC – leaked trailer and more info expected to drop officially March 4th anyway – Two Souls Release Date/Details Announced – Quantic Dream’s new game – Out Oct 8th for PS3 (no mention of PS4 date yet) – Willem Dafoe plays Nathan Dawkins and stars alongsideEllen Page (who plays the lead role of Jodie) – game spans 15 years of Jodie’s life – she gots supernatural powers through psychic link to entity called Aiden – Dafoe plays a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyze her powers –’s 4K Movie Streaming on PS4 – Sony first to have a 4K movie download service – when asked if it will work with the PS4 Sony President and COO Phil Molyneux said we “will not be disappointed.” – typical 4K movie download around100 GB! Last Light Release Dates – MAY 14 (NA) & MAY 17 (everywhere else)) on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 – no mention of other platforms yet 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play – free until level 15 – can pay for just co-op or just core multiplayer – ads appear until you purchase a package – Digital Game of the Year edition of Uncharted 3 still best deal – lead platform for Watch Dogs – Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Inside Gamer – “Previously, we developed games first on the Xbox 360 and then translated onto the PS3. It took a lot of time and money to make that port. Now we develop from the PC and versions are translated into a console like the PlayStation 4” III will have offline cooperative play for PS3 & 4 – PC version requires an always-online connection – Sony’s John Hight told GameTrailers – “You can have four people on the same screen. No split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or, you know, if you’re offline…” Turismo 6 for PS3 – SCEE’s senior vice president Michael Denny told Silicon Republic “Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3, like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6,

    Big issue of the Week: U Sales – sold 46,000 units in January at brick and mortar locations – compared to 348,000 Wii units during that system’s comparable period in 2007 – Nintendo downgraded revenue projections for the fiscal year from $8.883 billion to $7.35 billion and said it would report a $219 million loss. – Software sales on the Wii U in January roughly a quarter of Wii software sales in January 2007 – Wii U currently has a tie ratio of 4.1, versus the Wii’s 2.2 during the same time period – means that while fewer people are buying the new system, those who do purchase one are buying more games to go with it. – NPD data says Nintendo has sold 57,000 Wii U units this year (2013) – PS3 estimated around 145K sold – – Xbox 360 sold 281K –
    – need to wait for more first party titles this holiday season? Do we consider the holiday season they that just passed as a total wash for Nintendo?

    Outro – Shout-outs and Announcements
    Dave –
    Kev –
    PacManPolarBear – Follow us on twitter @Dave_BRB, @Krelith and @PacManPolarBear, once we are up on itunes/android leave us a review, like BRB on Facebook and subscribe to BRBTV on Youtube

    Bonus Topic: says “the notion of a single-player experience has to go away” – CEO Cevat Yerli told IGN “However, I’m not saying that there will be no single-player experiences … it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player instead.” and “Online and social can reignite single-player in a new type of context and provide benefits that will make you want to be a part of a connected story-mode rather than a disconnected story-mode. Sure, if the technology forces you to play a traditional single-player game online, that doesn’t make sense but if it’s offering actual benefits to be online then you want to be part of it.” – Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Journey and others already do something similar.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode guys, good to ear a new show with some British representation.

    Looking forward to the next show.

  5. Who is this William Defoe person? Never heard of him.



  6. Cory (not the blogger)

    Wicked sweet yo.

  7. The_Toaster

    That theme is the best thing ever 🙂

  8. PolarSmoke

    Just listened to the new show guys, loved it… Missed side boobs mentions though… Looking forward to the next episode. Stay crummy everybody!

  9. Dangerous Brian

    Will this show be ignoring The_Toaster too?

  10. Will this show be ignoring The_Toaster too?


  11. Dangerous Brian

    Well played sir

  12. FireMuncher

    I liked the show. 

    -your biggest fan winky

  13. I’m glad everyone liked our first episode! There’s plenty more where that came from

  14. Reknbal

    What’s going on Big Red Barrel Cast!!!!! I heard a Canadian, a Brit, and Dave. If that’s not the recipe for a star cast I don’t want to know what is. Awesome episode. Lookin forward to more podcastery goodness from the new feed.

  15. Yoshifett


  16. FireMuncher

    Yoshifett said


  17. AlexNation

    HI guys! great show, really love the chemistry between the 3 of you. PACMAN your my boy!!! since the old SG and BRB days. You guys do a Podcast about shit I would end up marrying shit because I heard it here jajaja no seriously great show, keep it up.

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