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Review: Side By Side

Is digital film-making the future? Is the photo-chemical process dead? Keanu Reeves – of all people – discusses this with some of Hollywood’s greatest talent in Side By Side.

BRB UK 50: Second Base With Sony

Ahoy hoy! It’s (finally) back to normal service this week in BRB UK towers, as Dan’s had the 21st Century plumbed back into his house – just in time for the big PS4 event.

BRB Blu: PS4 Announcement

Only something as big as the announcement of the PS4 could reunite BRB Blu, the premier Sony podcast from Join Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz as they raise the blue flag of Sony and discuss the power of the PS4.

The Most Exciting Games Shown At The PlayStation 4 Event

Social features like stalking your Facebook friends while playing video games are cool and all, but games always come first.

Watch_Dogs – Open World Gameplay

Straight from the PlayStation 4 announcement conference, Ubisoft showed off their super hacker, open world with some brand new gameplay footage.

Marvel Heroes – Destruction Trailer

The heroes of the Marvel universe can’t defend it without a few minor damages… and the odd explosion.

PlayStation 4: The Good, the Bad and the Non-Existent

To help the attention-starved and disinterested among us, here’s a rapid-fire assault of the good, the bad and the non-existent details from the PlayStation Meeting.

What Sony Failed To Tell Us

Many gamers, myself included, were left feeling a little jaded after Sony’s confirmation of the PS4 last night…Sony’s Meeting felt a lot more like a press conference where they just confirmed our suspicions.

Star Trek: The Video Game – Making the Game Part 1

Excited by the new film, and with characters like James T. Kirk and Spock, executive producer Brian Millar describes a little about the creation of Star Trek: The Video Game and the co-op gameplay players will experience.

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