BRB WTF: Mayan Apocalypse Edition

BRB WTF sets sail, possibly for the last time.  In preparation of the Mayan calendar ending today Dave, Kev and Chris discuss preparing for the apocalypse:

  • Games we would play on our last day
  • The last movie we would watch
  • Piles of shame
  • Games we’re sad we will never see
  • Games that were helped by never being released

Hold your loved ones close and enjoy the end of the world/Mayan calendar/week/whatever.

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  1. unclegh

    kudos for the great podcast all the way from the mayan’s backyard in Honduras. Hoping we don’t get hit first by whatever it is

  2. Chris Shooter

    Apparently New Zealand was hit first and has disappeared…but no one noticed…



  3. Badhaggis

    The world did end, the universe imploded, but fortunately a universe that was exactly the same in every way was simultaneously created.



    I need another drink.

  4. Chris Shooter

    i thought that i noticed my GF’s feet were sitting just off the ground….

  5. Loved this episode, you three should team up more and make this the new flagship show or something. Very nice dynamic between you all. And elder scrolls online will be good! :p

  6. Badhaggis

    Prime said
    And elder scrolls online will be good! :p


  7. Chris Shooter

    thanks Prime – you’re now officially my favourite…

  8. Chris Shooter said
    thanks Prime – you’re now officially my favourite…


    Why thank you, When I say Elder Scrolls Online will be good. What I mean is if they’re able to make it play exactly like Skyrim, but have it massively multiplayer (or hey, even 4 player co-op like Borderlands would be sweet)

    If they make it just clicky-cllicky-clicky with buttons at the bottom of the screen, I’m gonna be so furious. I’ve played Warcraft for more time than I can stomach. MMOs need that new thing to push them back into being worth making and playing again. Copying WoW is such a terrible idea.


  9. ^ Unfortunately it’s looking more and more likely you’ll be getting the latter. Online has a different combat system than Skyrim.

  10. Badhaggis

    The more I see of it, the less interested I am in it. 


    It looked interesting at the start, but now…. meh.

  11. Catfunce

    This was a good show – is they going to be a more regular trio?

  12. Ozfatboy

    Highly enjoyed this episode. Would love to hear more of the these guys. Very entertaining and some great laughs.


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