Big Red Flix 35: Abby Normal

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. Join Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett as they rot their brains with ParaNorman, Breaking Bad, Peter Pan, The West Wing, 21 Jump Street, Chronicle and dive into the usual ranting and raving you expect from the Flix crew. They recorded bonus content, but it was so long and so good that it will be the next episode of BRB Flix.

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  1. Lynx_Lapdance

    An alright episode but lacking compared to previous episodes though. The Breaking bad discussion was great but the odd rants were not very entertaining. For instance; Yoshi’s 5 minutes rant about Tinkerbell being a bad role model, not very interesting.

    The show has devolved a bit lately and is just “rotting your brains” and lacks all the other segments as the crew gets sidetracked, which would be fine if the podcast were not restricted so heavily by Yoshi’s inability to record longer than an hour so perhaps being a bit more stringent with the amount of time devoted to “rotting your brains segment”, such as only talking alot about 1 thing at each would improve the show and allow more things to be covered.

  2. DeanBiddler

    I agree. Is there a possibility of a more natural, unedited say 1.5 hr. with a hard cut at 45min. I don’t mind the tangents as long as there is no format. Just make Yoshifett stop at the designated time and start again, unless this is prohibitively restrictive.

  3. frawlzfans

    Couldn’t disagree more I love the tangents they really add to the show regardless of topic but I would love a longer episode absolutely. I love you Yoshi but your suicide analogy regarding Transformers was over the top, sensationalist and borderline offensive considering it was suicide awareness week. I agree with Yoshi that Transformers knows its target audience and targets them, and like it or not movies now a days especially summer blockbusters are almost small businesses not art designed to make the maximum amount of money possible. Transformers doesn’t destroy culture that’s ridiculous if anything it highlights where culture is now, that’s not Transformers or Michael Bay’s fault they are just giving people what they want and Yoshi is right absolutely that’s capitalism and America is capitalism on steroids. So you will always see the extremes of where society has failed in America with regard to reality shows such as Jersey Shore. It does sound elitist and very arrogant that because I like Transformers you have effectively branded me unintelligent and I find that offensive.  

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