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BRB UK 27.5: Faec of The Internet

Hello there, chaps and chapettes! We’re still not quite back to normal service at BRB UK towers, but that hasn’t stopped us from cobbling together a podcast for you; we’ve got a smattering of our bonus content for your lug holes!

Review: Worms Collection

As a gamer you are probably, at least loosely, aware of the zany weapon turn based combat that is at the heart of all the games available in the Worms Collection. The disc based Collection consists of three previously released XBLA and PSN titles…

Review: Rock Band Blitz

Unplugging the amplitude from the frequency. Does Harmonix’s latest beat-matcher upset the rhythm?

Big Red Flix 33: True Lies (Part 2)

Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett continue breaking down the action-comedy True Lies. This is part two of three so sit back and relax as the Flix crew covers everything from how to handle cheating spouses to constantly teasing the upcoming Uzi scene.

Review: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers, more than meets the eye?

BRB Boom 24: Alias Jokes

This week Dogsdie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about movie licensed video games, the origin of podcasting, Nintendo Power, deal of the week and other topics that affect today’s gamer.

BRB Blu 25: 50 Shades of Rothbart

This week Rothbart, Frawlz and PacManPolarBear discuss Sony Liverpool closing, Sleeping Dogs, Onlive, the latest Max Payne 3 DLC, da roomahs, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

Trailer: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire

When adventurer’s need to heal from arrows to the knee, wouldn’t it be great if they had their own home that they could rest in? With the Hearthfire DLC, you can buy land, build and expand a house, furnish it, move in your spouse and even adopt children. This Xbox 360 exclusive add-on will be […]

Trailer: Assassin’s Creed III – Gamescom Naval Demo with Commentary

Fresh from Gamescom is another look at the Naval warfare demo that was shown, with commentary from Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.

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