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BRB Blu 18: Area 51 Love Doll

This week Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz give thanks to Sony for firmware update 4.2, Kojima admits there will be a Metal Gear Solid 5, The Last Guardian is still in production, PlayStation Plus and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

Diablo III Review

The Diablo games have been standards in hack-and-slash dungeon crawling since the release of the first game way back in January 1997. It’s a game that many gamers, myself included, have lost many days and weeks to over the past 15 years.

Mass Effect 3: Did the “End” Justify the Means?

After outrage over the ending to Mass Effect 3, BioWare created the Extended Cut DLC to give players more closure. But was it enough to justify the amount of attention given to the last 20 minutes of a video game?

Trailer: Source Filmmaker

Valve open up their video capture and editing tool to the public. This totally makes up for the lack of Half Life 3, right?

BRB UK 20: Warp Factor 9

As is their want, Dan, Jon and Tim return to the digital airwaves for yet another thrillingly British discourse on the week’s video gaming news – in addition to a slight smattering of churlish humour.

Mario Tennis Open Review

With England crashing out of the Euros last week and Wimbledon now in full swing, it’s a more appropriate time to ask; Any Wario for tennis?

EA PWNED #24 – Need for Speed Most Wanted Special

It’s the PWNED Need for Speed: Most Wanted Special, featuring the latest information and unseen footage from 2012’s most anticipated racer. Matt heads to the E3 expo in Los Angeles where, fresh from the announcement of the game at the EA press conference, creative director Craig Sullivan chats about the single player mode of Need […]

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Review

The Magic: the Gathering release of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 brings more polish to the series and gets a release on iOS. Chris Shooter might have just found the perfect justification for an iPad…

Big Red Flix 22: Jaws (Part 1)

To beat the Summer heat Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett sit down to watch the original Summer block buster that made you afraid to go into the water, Jaws.

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