BRB Blu 7: Just The Tip

Welcome back to BRB Blu, the premier Sony podcast from This week Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz discuss 3 exclusive PS Home titles, PS Vita having some hacking issues, Game closing, Phil Harrison is back, da roomahs and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness. There’s bonus content for BRB (formally that other site) iPhone and Android app users.

We appreciate you all taking time out of your day to listen to the show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or if you’re one of those “set it and forget it” types, you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Zune and stay in “real time.”

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  1. Krolle

    Finally! Now i can go into easter holiday with Frawlz in my mouth 🙂

  2. Wait, did Frawls just mention that he hates getting the same words in Draw Something, and then immediately say it never really happened just so he could harass Rothbart for spending $1?

  3. Billl

    According to the bottom of my friends list, pacman hasn’t logged into PSN in 4 weeks. WTF? Is there a private login setting on PSN? New account? Or is he BSing us about playing Journey (last week, no trophies dinged) and KZ3? Very Dubious.

    • Actually, I redeemed a voucher for the KZ3 multiplayer via Media Go on my PC. I have not downloaded it yet nor have I played KZ3 in a pretty long time. Buying a voucher a friend had for a $10 versus $14.99 on the store. As to Journey, a quick trophy sync clears that right up. I’ve been playing on my PC heavily of late and the PS3 no longer has a dedicated internet connection unless I choose to remove something else. I’ll be sure to always be online when I’m playing by myself, just to avoid controversy. I may not have every Journey trophy, but I have clearly played through the entire game.
      Now Frawlz, he is afraid of all the nothing that happens when he syncs up.

      • I would play Journey online, not to avoid a silly controversy, I’d play it online because it’s an online game that rewards you for playing it online! MAY BE A SPOILER: Not just rewards with trophies, but it was was very cool and surprising to see the ending list of a dozen random people that accompanied me on my Journey. They didn’t get in my way, they didn’t grief me, and we all somehow worked together to get to points that weren’t as obvious to the other player. Seriously, this sounds ridiculous, but there was even a sense of wonder and mysterious beauty to the matchmaking in this game!
        Trophies are timestamped to the moment they’re earned, not the moment they’re synced to the network. Yours is timestamped about two hours after my post. How long was Journey again? You have clearly played through the entire game… for the first time today. (oh, snap snap snap)
        I’ll take your word on Media Go, I’ve never used it. I didn’t even realize there was a way to access the store or redeem vouchers without logging into your account on a PlayStation device. If my copy of KZ3 shattered I would have bought a used copy. They’re going for less than $15, I’d get the full game, and be able to access all the multiplayer DLC I’ve already purchased. Too bad KZ3 didn’t have an online pass from the start (I can’t believe I just wrote that). The stand-alone multiplayer client could check to see if you had a pass rather than it’s own unlock key.
        I don’t really understand why a wireless device like the PS3 wouldn’t have a dedicated connection, but I’m guessing it’s to do with Canadian data-caps or something. Mine’s on a ethernet cable, but I’ve had to use the wi-fi, and never had many issues with it.
        I honestly don’t care if you talk about games you haven’t played yourself, but at least Frawlz is a little more up front about his vicarious game consumption. If Frawz teaches us anything: You don’t have to lie (about not playing the PlayStation) to kick it (on the Blu Show). 😛

        • I did earn the trophy for completion today. It was not my first time playing. Just my first time beating it. So I logged in long enough to sync up some proof as I obviously had none of the trophies for meeting people etc.

          I had no idea you’d see other players in the credits, that’s cool. Media Go is my media organizer right now so I just use it a lot for convenience (Mp3 player, PSP(s)) etc. In hindsight I prob should have tried to score a used copy of KZ3 as you are right, they are going for $15-$20 here and don’t have an online pass.

          The lack of a dedicated internet connection is simply the result of living where I do. And it’s a new problem. I live in an apartment building and since Christmas my wi-fi has been wonky. Lost connections and drops all the time. No idea why. So I had to switch important things over to a wired connection, which severely limits the amount of devices I can have. I may need a new router, which means that cash comes out of the PSV fund, which sucks big time.

          • Also pretty sure I said on the show I was playing Journey at a friends with his kid on at least one episode. Regardless of when I finally downloaded and beat the game on my own account, I have been playing and everything I have said about the game is true and accurate. Even my completion playthrough was done offline. As has all my PS3 gaming of late. Getting the completion trophy was a courtesy to any listener who doubts how much I love Journey or that I had actually ever played it.

            The reason I use vouchers and Media Go is it allows you to use things like retailer programs to save cash, earn stuff or use rewards cards. Buying a PSN code via GameStop for example.

  4. Darth Nutclench

    Always nice to see Godwin’s law being proven….'s_law

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