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Trailer: Pandora’s Tower – Pre-Launch

Pandora’s Tower is the latest action-packed RPG to come from Nintendo and will be available across Europe exclusively on Wii from 13th April 2012. With real-time combat, motion controls, multiple endings and a unique relationship system, Pandora’s Tower offers a unique experience and an epic story that will keep you engrossed for hours.

BRB UK 6: I Have To Toilet

It’s that time of the week for a smidge of British-tinged video game news, reviews and general burbling. So join Dan, Jon and Tim as they navigate the news stories of the week whilst trying to produce nice sounds for your ear holes.

Trailer: Far Cry 3 – Gameplay

Tropical islands, safe to eat vegetation and plenty of friendly locals. What’s not to like?

Disc-less Xbox? Not Likely

Rumors. They make the world go round. This especially holds true in the video game industry. It seems like every day, a new, exclusive rumor pops up on a random site. While quite frequently these rumors do…

Big Red Flix 7: The Princess Bride Parts 1 & 2

This week, Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett gush over Rob Reiner’s romantic parody, The Princess Bride.

Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Vault Review

Every now and then, an awesome franchise like Mass Effect comes along – and with such a franchise, an anorak of die-hard collectors promptly springs up, ready and eager to buy just about anything that is associated with the series.

The Zombies Can Have My Brains

While everyone has been talking about Mass Effect 3, and I’ve got recent releases like SSX, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 on my shelf begging to be played, I’ve been sitting here, at my computer, playing Plants vs Zombies on my Vita… and loving it.

Mass Effect 3 Cry-Babies Up In Arms About Game They Didn’t Make

Vocal opposition to Mass Effect 3’s ending is making the gaming community look like a laughing stock to people who have more important things to worry about than the conclusion of Shepard’s three-game story.

Wipeout 2048 Review

The Wipeout name has been synonymous with Sony’s gaming platforms since they got into the industry. And with their new handheld platform being released last month, they decided that a new Wipeout needed to be at the starting line.

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