BRB Boom 4: Peep Game

Welcome back to another episode of BRB Boom.  Join DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett as they nerd out about Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Android pinball, a deal of the week and other topics that effect today’s gamer.

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  1. McNally

    I loved this episode guys, and Yoshi I completely understand your objections to the battlefield 3 skin. The funny thing was that while I was listening to that part of the episode I was in a match with a stranger who was using it, and I noticed that the game does distinguish between a normal Human soldier and a Battlefield 3 soldier.

  2. demonss

    I have NEVER ever seen someone get so bent out of shape about some stupid little thing that was added to the game for fun.

    Did Yoshi get so upset about the dragon age armor in Me2?

    The star wars appearing in star trek (or vice versa) argument is lame too.. Because little dumb things like that happen (for fun). R2D2 showed up in The latest Starwars movie as part of space debris.

    I mean seriously who cares that there is the generic soldier armor with a grey pattern and an orange splotch on the side. It’s a “thanks for playing our other games” nod from EA..
    Who cares.. get over it..
    I love the Boom show, but really this rant was out of hand considering how much outside references and such are brought into all kinds of other games.

    • Pardon, had a brain melt down and said R2 appeared int he most recent starwars movie, but meant to say Startrek.

      My brain was baffled by the rant.

  3. Penguinator

    FUCK HALO! as far as im concerned if you want a run and gun scifi shooter that will help you unleash your rage is Unreal Tournament. but 343i i guess is the name of the group that took on this project… i would rather lick windows than to play Halo its a shooting game for 3 year olds. ME3 i played the multiplayer mode as the Krogan Sentinal lvl 8 but i noticed if you play on the random challenge map you need more than 2 people because you cant do it other wise

  4. Providence

    Halo is fun. I don’t even feel the slightest bit of remorse in saying that. The haters they pile up, and make people afraid to talk about games they like simply because of their popularity.

    You are all fools, Halo is a good game if the millions who play it enjoy it, period. You don’t get to decide what criteria makes a game good or bad. It isn’t the most original story, but the way the music drives the mood and the plot is very unique. The multiplayer is challenging and fun, and requires actual skill to excell at. Any fool can pick up a controller and get kills in CoD or Battlefield. If you kill someone in halo, it takes some kind of attention span and dedication. It is a team game, one of the few FPS games that actually requires it. To win, you have to work together. This is just isn’t true for other FPS games.

    What’s interesting is that I have yet to meet a Halo hater who can properly explain why they don’t like it without making every FPS out there sound stupid. It’s cool to hate Halo so you do. Lemmings gonna Lem, everyone else gonna play games they enjoy. Get over yourselves, FPS is the lowest, shittiest form of gaming, populated by little kids and racist buffoons. Hating Halo doesn’t give any kind of power to the FPS games YOU choose to play. FPS hipsters are like the self-proclaimed king of shit, while you laugh at Halo, everyone else laughs at you.

  5. Providence

    Also, I don’t understand the preconception that everyone who plays Halo is a “fanboy”. Everyone I play with enjoys the game but wouldn’t angrily defend it for any of it’s obvious flaws. Having said that, is a fanboy simply someone who defends the games they like? I’ve heard things like “well, Halo players are all little kids who just love master chief and raging” and my response is always the same. “You sound like an idiot”. You don’t have any kind of proof that Halo defenders are angrier or more “fanboy” than anyone defending any other game, or even that there are more of them. People get excited when the new games come out because they enjoy the series, so that isn’t a good argument because millions more people stood in line to buy the latest CoD. The premise isn’t any more childish than anyone would have you believe, in fact it’s so un-childish that every single character in the last one DIES HORRIBLY.

    I could go on but, the point is Halo just happens to be this generation of gamer’s target victim for people that want to feel special. Just like hipsters, non-Halo players feel instantly ascended from Halo players, as if not playing a certain game makes you better than those who do. It’s a sick way of thinking and I’m sitting here ranting about it not because that’s how much I love Halo, for me it’s just a game. A fun one with teamwork that sets up a great mood. I’m ranting because of how much I hate the haters who use Halo as a punching bag because they can’t just leave well enough alone and play the games they want to play without bullying a target type of gamer. Get over yourselves, you aren’t better than anyone, you’re just you.

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