I Suck at Video Games

That’s right; I said it.  I’m really bad at them, even though I’ve been playing games for probably 15 years.  I didn’t notice until I was tallying up “points” for The Locals (which will debut soon right here on Big Red Barrel).  After seeing myself just get destroyed, I began thinking about the way I generally play games.

I recently played Mass Effect 2 for the first time (shocking, I know).  Shamelessly, I put the difficulty on “casual.”  Generally, any game that has a difficulty option will be played on the easiest mode possible.

Many people play games specifically for difficulty, as a sort of a proving of one’s self-worth to, well… one’s self.  For me, if it isn’t a sports game, I play video games for the stories.  When games get hard, the difficulty just gets in the way.  If it’s a platformer in style of, say, Mega Man, I can deal with a harder difficulty because there is basically no story.

Playing games this way works just fine for me until I start playing with other people.  This is when I should be embarrassed.  Recently, though, I discovered that I could care less about how bad I am.  I have a good time playing them and screw everyone else!

So, Big Red Rollers (that’s all of you), are you good at video games, or do you just say you’re good at them?

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  1. Skunkster

    I think my user name says it all. But I have a blast playing. (My apologies to my squad mates on BF3.)

  2. SolidJackal

    I think playing games should be a relaxing moment of the day, I call the example of playing Starcraft 2. I am not able to relax and play, taking a day or two off the game is the same as not playing for a month. First I will play the game on Normal to enjoy the story and the different encounters that will keep me on my toes. Once am I done, if I enjoyed the game (or if I want to get the trophies) I will jump into the higher difficult. You should not be embarrassed for how YOU want to play games, play it how you want it does not matter what others think.

  3. NMReign

    I think I am an average gamer. I usually play games on the medium setting on the first playthrough. I take what I think is an unusually long amount of time to beat a game, often taking a month to months to finish a game. This fact has left me with an excessively large backlog of games that are highly acclaimed. Mass Effect 2 is on my shelf waiting to be played. I am currently playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune if this is an indicator of my gaming prowess. But eff it…I’m still a gamer, even if I’m not on the bleeding edge of what’s hot right now.

  4. Kawashis

    The sad thing for me is that when it comes to multiplayer games halo 1 on the pc was my first, but halo 2,3 I played on the Xbox 360 and I was pretty damn good to the poing where I could carry the team. The same was with cod 4 but as soon as I started to deal with school more and work I got terrible at all multiplayer games save bfbc 1 & 2.

  5. Chunderhead

    I cannot play online FPS games. I feel terrible quitting with a K/D ratio of 0.1.

  6. Farko

    I always knew you sucked.

  7. Monkeyspunk

    I’ve been playing games for 20 years, and i suck massive of amounts of fail at them. I play to unwind and relax. The occasional game i’ll play cranked up for the challenge, but considering i mostly play rpg’s i’m just here for a story and a beer yo.

  8. BoomKentucky

    I could never beat E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on atari. No matter how hard i tried.

  9. I’m actually pretty good at online FPS games… It’s the single player games that I suck at. I don’t think that’s normal.

  10. If I’m playing a new title I usually play through on Normal and if I get around to a second play through I’ll usually crank it up. In competitive multiplayer like Battlefield I seam fairly inconsistent. I can be MVP with my kills doubling my number of deaths for a few matches, only to be the lowest ranked on my team the next. Though maybe that’s just because I’m off trying to figure out how to fly a freaking jet.

  11. mophead

    I’m pretty good sport games and racing games like forza but I suck at fps’s online and single player.
    I play games to relax and have fun so ot doesn’t matter how hard it is 🙂

  12. aSortedPorpoise

    The only real games that I play in Hard are the Madden, NHL, NBA, MLB etc

    I like the challenge of sports games in hard but other then that I have to fight for screen time as it is with my girlfriend so I would rather play games on normal and actually finish them

  13. Hmm, so maybe there is a valid reason for them to be complete jerks about it! 😛

  14. blades144

    I would consider myself average with a few games falling into hardcore. I like playing everything so that is where average comes in. You can’t be good at every game. Then, for me, there is Killing Floor. I consider myself to be in the upper echelon of gamers playing that. I think almost any gamer has a niche they enjoy and then get real good at after spending time with what they like.

  15. Brooksy068

    I don’t like to play games on the easiest level but I would never play them on the hardest level either. Somewhere right in the middle is fine. I want to enjoy a game not get frusterated and rage quit.

  16. BaubKat

    Mike, At least you don’t suck as bad as me… I’m the kinda girl who hands you the controller when I come across something that I can’t beat/figure out. Though I do have the excuse of sucking because I don’t play much, mostly because you, Mr. Mike, are always playing something (that screen hogging thing mentioned up there…). I’m trying to play more though (Trine 2, and ME2), but I have to admit I suck more when playing with someone who know what they’re doing because then you (Mike) just run ahead and the screen follows you (sexist) and I cant see what I’m doing and end up dying. Which leads to me complaining and you making me play by myself, which is making me improve… So maybe I won’t suck as bad in the future and we can actually play together without you wanting to kill me… 🙂 I can kick some ass in MarioKart or Soul Caliber though!

  17. Too bad we don’t have either of those games. 🙂

  18. williamtimothy

    I am decent but I am nowhere near the top of the bar. I’m just average. I have a friend named Bruce who is RIDICULOUSLY good at ANY video game. My goal of my whole gaming career is to just be better than him at one game haha

  19. Demra

    I’m pretty meh at video games. Most of my friends are wa better but if I play the game a lot I can hold my own oline,

  20. zero_requiem

    I would label myself a decent gamer I suppose. I have quite the ups and downs when it comes to shooters. One match on Cod Blops will have me carry my team with a 2.5 or better k/d, whilst the next round (even if it’s the same map) will have me at roughly .25 and in last place. In regards to single player games in general I usually play on Normal. I like to play on Normal (especially for RPG’s like Dragon Age) just in case I run into a boss or area I just can’t overcome. Now one area I am woefully inadequate at would be action games such as Force Unleashed, God of War, etc. I get lost/confused incredibly easily and I take forever to figure out boss battles. A good friend of mine absolutely loves to watch me wander aimlessly and die frequently. I think the best idea for a shooter/action game would be what was implemented in Dead Space 1-2. At any point in the game you could pull up the blue tip line and know where to go.

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