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If You Have To Do An Online Pass, Follow The Freemium Model

Online Passes are, to put it simply, ugly as sin. Buying a game used to be, dare I say it, almost romantic: come home, hands shaking, open the box, take the disc out and flick through the manual hurriedly…

Trailer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 – The Sequel Launches

The latest iteration of the Japanese RPG series is out today in North America, and released on February the 3rd in Europe.  Take a gander at the launch trailer above for what the new game will have on offer. Of course, we all know that the cinematics in the latest Final Fantasy games have been […]

3DS Circle Pad Pro Review

It’s not often that we see hardware manufacturers backtrack and admit to a failing of their original design. The 3DS is one nubbin shy of a party, so Nintendo decided it was time to slap a second one onto the 3DS.

Trailer: Aliens: Colonial Marines – Contact

GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!! Well…actually it seems the game doesn’t even emerge from its alien infested hole until the Autumn. In the meantime, let this trailer suck on your face.

My Name is Cory, and I Have Some Problems

I am addicted to video games. Naw, but I do have some concerns I’d like to bring forth about my other gaming problems.

Big Red Piles of Shame

For those not in the know a “pile of shame” refers to the stack of games that your own and, despite the quality of game, have yet to complete or even make a start on playing. Right now my pile of shame has NEVER been bigger.

Quarrel Review

If you already know about Quarrel, it’s probably because you’ve already played it on your iOS device. But this is the original of the game… that came out after the iOS version and… OK, it gets a little complicated there.

Trailer: Mass Effect 3 – Special Forces

If you’re opposed to the whole concept of Mass Effect Multiplayer, you should probably avoid this. Otherwise, here’s some Mass Effect multiplayer!

Trailer: DiRT Showdown – The 8 Ball Track

Have a penchant for driving around in a figure of 8 until you or everyone else are wrecked? DiRT Showdown may well have you covered.

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