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Sex, Violence & Video Games

Why is it that, when it comes to video games, sex is still a taboo topic yet violence is accepted?

PMPB’s Unnamed Masterpiece Vlog Series Number 0

This week I discuss the years best Mod’s, Team Deathmatch in Diablo 3, Dune 2 in your browser, Ouya dev kits, Tomb Raider multiplayer, cameos in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Noobz the movie, and the possibility of the PS4 blocking used content.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Trailer

Team up with Aria T’loak, and her Turian associate Nyreen Kandros, to take back Omega from Cerberus control, and come face to face with the Reaper-controlled Cerberus enemies, the Adjutant. Omega is set to be Mass Effect 3’s biggest DLC to date.–sg Join the forum discussion on this post

EA PWNED – Mass Effect 3: Omega Special

Matt Cuttle got his paws on Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC, and had an in depth chat with Fabrice Condominas of BioWare Montreal, about the return to one of Mass Effect 2’s most iconic locations and the characters Shepard will be teaming up with. PWNED is produced by Electronic Arts UK and does not necessarily represent […]


Mass Effect Community Commanders Interview

While attending the MCM Expo in London recently, I encountered an extra terrestrial raiding party including a human Spectre agent, another human female and what I can only assume was a Krogan male.

Mass Effect 3 – Retaliation Multiplayer DLC Trailer

The Collectors return in the biggest multiplayer update for Mass Effect 3 to date. Adding the Collectors as a whole new enemy faction — bringing back the dreaded Praetorion, Scion and the Collector troops and captains — with Cerberus and the Geth gaining some new recruits to make them more fierce. On the side of […]


BRB UK 30: Mr Blobby Hardcore Edition

Join Dan, Tim and Jon as they attempt to navigate around the week’s video gaming news – and, since summer is behind us, there actually is some.

Trailer: Mass Effect 3 – Leviathan

Something is hiding somewhere in space, something powerful enough to be able to kill a Reaper. Shepard must race against the Reapers to find Leviathan first, and find out what it knows. Join the forum discussion on this post

ME3 Default Image

Mass Effect 3: Did the “End” Justify the Means?

After outrage over the ending to Mass Effect 3, BioWare created the Extended Cut DLC to give players more closure. But was it enough to justify the amount of attention given to the last 20 minutes of a video game?

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