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An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online

The development team give us a lengthy introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online, discussing such feature as Megaserver technology, which will mean every single player will be connected to the same server to better connect with friends. There’s also some details on the combat system, huge scale PVP battles and exploration based content.

Trailer: The Elder Scrolls Online – CG Teaser

Bethesda’s bringing the world of the Elder Scrolls to the MMO stage, let’s hope it doesn’t take an arrow to the knee.

Thinking Allowed: Kev On The Elder Scrolls Online

Kev takes a few minutes to explain his concerns regarding the recent information made public about The Elder Scrolls Online, and the state of MMORPGs in general. Thinking Allowed is to be a new feature here on BRBTV, and this first episode does not necessarily represent what the finalised format will look like. We’re just testing the […]

Trailer: The Elder Scrolls Online – Announcement

Time to go adventuring with your friends. Don’t forget to equip your knee guards…–AJCw

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