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BRB UK 569: Hairy Greenpeace Incident

Despite all my rage, I am still just a Rat in a dungeon with an ever-expanding backpack

BRB UK 568: The Borking Dead

Super Mario RPG is here (YAY) and so is The Walking Dead: Destinies (BOO)

BRB UK 567: It’s Not a Cult!

Sure, Omni-Man may be powerful but his speed is not quite my Tempo

BRB UK 566: Vlad Platypus

You mean there’s been a tease for new GTA and Mass Effect title in the same week?

BRB UK 565: Singing Piranha Plants

It’s a strange week where we check out two 90s video game mascots in a new style

BRB UK 564: We’re Just Innocent Spider-Men

It’s time for one of this year’s biggest videogame releases

BRB UK 563: We’re at EGX 2023

It’s the second EGX since the UK tried to return to some kind of normal… so how was it?

BRB UK 561: Sea Cucumber²

Some titles just look insane when you spell them out

BRB UK 560: CyberHunks

Idris Elba joins Keanu Reeves in Night City for Cyberpunk’s steamiest adventure yet

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