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BRB UK 338: C**k Goblin

We’re talking Monster Slayers, Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and more… best get listening

BRB UK 329: Thematically Similar

Podcast time with Apex Legends, War Groove, The Division 2, Anthem and Spider-Man DLC… now that’s a lot of video games

Big Red Barrelcast 56: Dropping The 2

On this week’s episode, PacManPolarBear and Dave are joined by Rothbart to blabber on about Youtube buying Twitch, E3 hopes and Microsoft flipping more switches.

BRB UK 103: Humperdincked

Podcast! Videogames! Videogame podcast! Spiffing! If that outburst has worked as intended, you should bally well have a listen to Dan, Jon and Tim burble about the week’s gaming news.

BRB UK 97: Ironic

It’s a two-man show this week, so Dan and Tim have been left to their own devices without the stabilising influence of a Scotsman. Oh dear.

Reasons Not To Buy The Xbox One

Somewhere in the midst of all the science and magic of the Xbox Reveal event last week, I came to the conclusion that Microsoft simply do not know what their consumers want, or more worryingly, do not care.


A team of super scientists  have to solve their way through a maze of challenge rooms that get more and more challenging, by magnetically charging objects in the level that will attract or repel each other. A freak earthquake then lets loose a torrent of cosmic horror in this merging together of the Lovraftian universe and […]

Big Red Barrelcast 7: Tussin

Talking about video games is Dave, Pacman and Kev’s business and business is good.

The (Un)Interesting Life…Lite Edition

Introducing the Lite Edition of the (Un)Interesting Life cartoon – it’s not as heavy as the full one and means that Chris couldn’t be ars-….errr…didn’t have time to draw a full one… Recent troubles with the Xbox Live service almost got me to go outside in the Scottish weather.

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