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Alien Rage – Official Teaser

Alien Rage puts the player in the role of a highly trained elite commando on a mission of sabotage. Promising non-stop, visceral run-and-gun action in an explosive environment with meaningful co-operative gameplay it should set a new standard for digitally distributed XBLA and PSN titles.

Trailer: Trials Evolution – Origin of Pain DLC Teaser

Prepare to get hurt… again, and again, and again in new DLC for Trials Evolution, bound to add new stages and map editor items designed specifically to inflict pain.

Review: Rock Band Blitz

Unplugging the amplitude from the frequency. Does Harmonix’s latest beat-matcher upset the rhythm?

I Am Alive Review

If I said this game was set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The term would suggest that it was after the total and universal destruction of all mankind. However, as the name of the game suggests; I Am Alive.

Quarrel Review

If you already know about Quarrel, it’s probably because you’ve already played it on your iOS device. But this is the original of the game… that came out after the iOS version and… OK, it gets a little complicated there.

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