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Preview: Mayan Death Robots

If games like Monopoly, Mario Kart and Worms were not friendship-crushing enough for you then Vincent might have a new game you should try.

Review: Worms: Clan Wars

Worms are painfully difficult to get rid of, especially if you’re a British games developer named Team 17. And while there are some less memorable titles in the Worms portfolio, Clan Wars is what every Worms game should ever be.

Review: Worms 3

How often can a series get away with replicating itself, game after game? All-in-all, whether or not you pick up Worms 3 is a matter of personal choice.

Review: Worms Collection

As a gamer you are probably, at least loosely, aware of the zany weapon turn based combat that is at the heart of all the games available in the Worms Collection. The disc based Collection consists of three previously released XBLA and PSN titles…

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