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Do Games As A Service Work?

Sikander discusses the viability of Games As A Service for publishers and consumers… as well as surprise mechanics

BRB UK 302: Dreams

Get ready for Mothergunship, Octopath Traveler, Hand of Fate 2, Moosemen and more in this episode of Big Red Barrel UK.

BRB UK 230: FUTwitts

Dan, Coleman & Tim talk Ghost Recon: Wildlands, For Honor, Fire Emblem Heroes and more in this week’s episode of BRB UK.

I Accidentally Turned my Housemate into a Dota 2 God

Rather than bringing balance, Calum turned his housemate to the Darkside… of MOBAs

Reinstalling SWTOR: A Tale of MMORPG Resentment and Reconciliation

This week, Kev reinstalled The Old Republic, and just like with the opening paragraph of this piece, the premise was more interesting than the reality.

Arms Wide Open

The Prodigal Son returns to Azeroth: why I’ve returned to World of Warcraft.

Player 2; Press Start

Finding that special someone who gets involved in your favourite hobby is magical…

Battling Gaming’s Double Standards

Addiction. It’s a dirty word for good reason. Gambling addictions leave people bankrupt. Substance addictions destroy lives. However, it’s often misused to put down certain games and the people that enjoy them.

Time for MMOs to reinvent themselves

MMO’s are the abusive gaming genre that I just can’t get away from. MMO’s are Ike Turner and I’m Tina Turner. They’re Bobby Brown and I’m Whitne…vermind. Too soon?

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