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BRB UK 463.5: Bit of Bithell

Hey look, Mike Bithell has returned to our little Podcast to show off all the new things

BRB UK 177: Danless Destiny

Tragedy has befallen Team BRB UK as the Doctor of all that is Destiny is missing, leaving Tim & Coleman to run amok.

Review: Volume

Reuben reviews Volume, a sterling sophomore entry into the Bithell Games back catalogue

BRB UK 156: I’m the Best at Space

It’s a massive episode of BRB UK this week as Dan, Tim & Coleman talk about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta, Volume, Earthcore and so much more.

Volume – Launch Trailer

Mike Bithell’s follow-up to platformer Thomas Was Alone is the stealth title Volume, a modern retelling of the Robin Hood story. Featuring 100 unique levels and a powerful level editor, the game promises to be a never-ending fountain of sneaking game-play – if only the PlayStation Store would update! The game is out today on […]

Geek Speak 14: Alan Smithee

Another episode of BRB Geek Speak and we have another great guest – Julia! Join in for ramblings about video games, bad and good movies, books, cosplay and more!

Volume – Release Date Trailer

Volume is a stealth-puzzle game that retells the story of Robin Hood in a contemporary setting, forgoing guns and violence in favour of wit and cunning.¬†After the success of Thomas Was Alone, many have been anticipating Mike Bithell’s next project (myself included) – and today we learn that we do not have much longer to […]

Volume – Level Editor Demonstration

Friend of the site Mike Bithell has just shared a demonstration video to show off the level editing tools and features available for Volume, his narrative stealth action game. The top-down, stealth-em-up is looking better and better as we approach its launch and the video features one of the aspects of the game that has […]

BRB UK 131: A Volume of Bithell

Once again we are a man down within the ranks of Team BRB UK. But no matter, we’ve managed to secure a third chair by way of a special guest.

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