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BRB UK 311: Reggiette

We’re talking PlayStation Classic, Telltale Games, First on Discord and more on this week’s BRB UK.

Velocity 2X – Switch Release Date Trailer

One of the best games to grace the PlayStation Vita makes its way to the console’s spiritual successor. Curve Digital have announced that it’s bringing FuturLab’s critically acclaimed, multi award-winning shmup and platformer hybrid Velocity 2X to Nintendo Switch on 20th September. The game follows the story of Lt. Kai Tana, a brave pilot who […]

“Indies” Must Die

Before anyone calls the police, the title of this piece refers to Diarmuid’s wish for the term ‘indies’ to be put down – not the developers or the games themselves.

Review: Velocity 2X

FuturLab recently confirmed that they were gunning for Velocity 2X to reach Game of the Year levels of critical acclaim – Diarmuid can only speak for himself but he believes they did just that.

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