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The One About The Time Xbox Told Us That US TV Comes First

It’s worth noting upfront that I’m a big fan of TV, movies and sports. I would more readily define myself as a gamer, but I am a definite fan of all of these forms of entertainment.

BRB UK 3: Angry Sackboy Rash

It’s that time of the week where it’s officially BRB UK o’clock – so don your cravat, imbibe a cup of Earl Grey and join Dan, Jon and Tim for your weekly fix of British blathering.

BRB UK 2: Face Of The Internet

It’s Vita day all over the planet! To while away the hours as you wait for your shiny Sony goodness, Dan, Jon and Tim have crimped out another portion of British podcasting goodness for your delectation.

BRB UK 1: Familiar Voices

After an extended break, your favorite British Bastions of Blithering are back with a brand new show on a brand new site. So welcome one and all to the maiden voyage of the BigRedBarrel UK Podcast!

Podcasts: The BRB UK Story Thus Far

Before they were BRB UK, they were still UK but on another website. If you want to hear how much more awesome proper accents make a show sound, every episode that the chaps did at their old digs are but a click away!

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