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Review: Trials Fusion

mazingly in the time I spent with the game I did not break my controller – although my Xbox One has been subject to a few rage quits over the past few days.

Review: Urban Trial Freestyle

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In that case, Tate Interactive seems to have a deep love for RedLynx’s Trials series. It’s just a shame they didn’t imitate it better.

Trailer: Trials Evolution – Origin of Pain DLC Teaser

Prepare to get hurt… again, and again, and again in new DLC for Trials Evolution, bound to add new stages and map editor items designed specifically to inflict pain.

Right now it’s Left Up to Downloads

With a variety of vibrant distribution platforms – and with Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network really hitting their stride – it’s a good time to be a downloadable game developer. But is it a good time to be a gamer?

Trials Evolution Review

Trials HD was a game that, despite a difficulty curve that often resulted in defenestration of your controller, was one of the best offerings that XBLA had to offer. So, does Trials Evolution improve on the original?

BRB UK 11: Bodyformed for You

It’s Wednesday and your mp3 player of choice is starting to look a little devoid of spiffingness. Which can only mean one thin

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