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Total War: ARENA – Ambiorix the Trickster

The legendary commander and rival to Julius Caesar, Ambiorix, has sharpened his arrows and is ready to join Total War: ARENA. He is the first Barbarian commander designed to get the most from long-range units. Armies of archers now can perform at their full potential with his arrival. His penchant for cunningness is at the forefront […]

Total War: ARENA – Gergovia Map Spotlight

Total War: ARENA is getting a new battlefield, Gergovia, and it is the largest and most detailed map in the game to date. The map features tight corners and hiding spots that allow for ambushes with often little room to escape. The map is available for free here.

Total War: ARENA – Patch 10.0 Spotlight

Total War: ARENA Patch 10 is live and updates the game with new features, as well as changes to collision, combat, rewards, UI and Commander abilities. Many of the improvements are based on feedback from alpha testers and the video above shows off some of the significant additions and improvements.

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