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Splinter Cell Blacklist – Ghost, Panther & Assault Trailer

As Sam Fisher, you’ll need to handle and adapt to ever changing mission scenarios using your choice of play styles. As a Ghost, you’ll stick to the shadows to avoid detection and take out hostiles in non-lethal takedowns and an array of technical tactics. In Assault mode, you’ll throw caution to the wind and have […]

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Inauguration Trailer

Terrorist attacks have been issued to the US in an escalating scale known as The Blacklist, and the President has enlisted Sam Fisher and his team to stop the deadly countdown before time runs out.

Splinter Cell Blacklist – The Fifth Freedom

Sam Fisher’s back in action in this new gameplay trailer, sharing the ideals of both the responsibility and burden of bearing the Fifth Freedom.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Online – Launch

Ghost Recon Online brings the well known tactical gameplay into a free-to-play environment.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Arctic Strike DLC

You’ll get an ice cold reception in these new chilling maps, as well as some cool new weapons and multiplayer unlocks. Stay frosty out there.

Trailer: Splinter Cell Blacklist – E3

Welcome back, Mr. Fisher.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Inside Recon #3: Guerilla

In the latest video, we get a look into Guerilla mode, a 4 player co-operative experience where you’ll have to work as a team, and utilize the enemy’s psychological weaknesses just to survive.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Believe in Ghosts #3

In the latest video, Mack describes the importance of teamwork and intel. With the Ghost’s various techniques and equipment, getting a hostage out of a secure prison without alerting the guards is not a problem. Bet those guards will believe in ghosts when they finally find out what happened.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Believe in Ghosts #2

“This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” In this latest trailer, take a look at how the Gunsmith and the Ghost’s hi-tech gear can help get the job done like a professional.

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