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There’s Disk Jam, Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story, attempts to sue Twitch and more on this week’s episode of BRB UK.

Review: Broken Age

Michael reviews Broken Age, a huge Kickstarter success aiming to revive the adventure game genre. Made by the legend that is Tim Schafer then surely this game will be absolutely hilarious? Read on to find out.

Geek Speak 4: The Nope Octopuss

BRB Geek Speak had a little field trip to EGX Rezzed and BAFTA Games Awards and have returned to tell you their stories.

Tim Schafer Interview at BAFTA Games Awards

Lauren found a Tim that dresses a lot neater than our one.

Kickstarter Success Requires Love, Not Just Money

Two fantastic projects have been brought to life by “crowdfunding” firm Kickstarter – but if you’re looking to be as literal an overnight success by doing the same, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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