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BRB UK 264: What the Zuck?

There’s Dead Cells, Gran Turismo Sport, The Solus Project & a bunch more on this here episode of the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast.

All Alone With The Solus Project Creator

Tim made contact with someone claiming to be Sjoerd De Jong – the founder of Teotl Studios and creator of The Solus Project.

The Solus Project – Launch Trailer

The Solus Project, released originally on PC and Xbox One in 2016, makes its way to the PlayStation 4, with PS VR support built in. Grip Digital and Teotl Studios have brought the narrative adventure meets exploration and survival game to Sony’s console in order to replicate the success it saw on the other platforms.

The Solus Project – Developer Video #2 – Welcome to Gliese-6143-C

A new developer diary has been released for The Solus Project, a single-player survival game on its way to Steam Early Access and the Xbox Preview Program. The game aims for a full release in May.

The Solus Project – Developer Video #1 – Game Introduction

The Solus Project is an upcoming first-person survival adventure game, set on a deserted alien planet. The linear, single-player game features ten large and complex environments to explore and a story that sees you crash-landed on an alien planet. This developer video gives us a glimpse at the game and most certainly whets the appetite.

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