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Nintendo’s Questionable Streak

Nintendo has made some strange moves in the last few months. Has the gaming giant lost some of its mojo?

Are Extreme Opinions Bad for the Gaming Industry?

Polar viewpoints in gaming circles could be crippling the video games industry, but Matt believes there may be a silver lining.

Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind

The latest downloadable content for Naughty Dog’s magnum opus, The Last of Us, has arrived.

Diarmuid’s Top Games of 2013

When it comes to my favourite games of 2013, I found it easy to compile a list stretching into the double digits but difficult to narrow them down and nigh on impossible to give them an order of preference.

BRB Boom 50: CTRL F Urine

After a few moments with Samusfett and Yoshi; DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett have geekgasms as they geek out about Summer TV,, The Last Of Us, subtitles, and whatever random topics come to mind.

BRB UK 65: Saikobureiku

It’s all hands on deck on HMS BRB UK this week, as all three of the hosts have managed to master the days of the week.

Guide: The Last of Us Tips and Tricks

The world of The Last of Us is a desolate place filled with savagery and violence – this guide may prepare you for it.

Review: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s newest game is really, really good. Need some justification? Read on.

BRB Boom 49: Swamp Nuts

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. Boom. This week, Yoshifett has ventured into the Dirty Deep South to join his brother from another (Mormon) momma.

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