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Big Red BAFTA Breakdown

With the glitz and glamour of this year’s BAFTAs out of the way, we can take the time and look at the winners of the UK’s most prestigious gaming awards.

Alien: Isolation @ EGX

From today many gamers will be attempting escape from Sevastopol and the iconic Xenomorph. Playing Isolation at EGX definitely added me to this list.

Alien: Isolation – The Cast of Alien

The original cast of the iconic film, Alien, reunite to discuss the film that launched a franchise, and how different it is portraying that Universe is in the upcoming Alien: Isolation.

Total War: Rome II – Blood & Gore DLC Trailer

Just in time for Halloween, Total War: Rome II gets bloodier and gorier than ever before. Employing a more refined particle system than Shogun 2, Blood & Gore for Rome II looks and feels grittier and more brutal. Gore coats combatants, the ground will become soaked with blood, and you’ll hear every stab, slash and impact with bespoke new sound effects.Witness the trailer for the new DLC which […]

Total War: ROME II presents The Throwing War with Brian Blessed

It wasn’t all stabbing and slicing in ancient combat, during battle the air was often dark with thrown projectiles of various deadly natures. Taking a look at some of the man and machine-powered missile armaments of the Roman period is shouter’s favourite Brian Blessed –  in this short film to mark the release week of […]

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