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BRB UK 276: Papa Costello

Nintendo announces Labo, Capcom finishes Street Fighter V, there’s a bunch of new games and more in this week’s BRB UK.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Launch Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is here and with it comes a bunch of new modes and a new roster update… sort of. Downloading the game’s update will unlock Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode, Extra Battle Mode and a redesigned user interface. Season 3 Character Pass is also on the way and will add Sakura, Blanka, […]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Reveal Trailer

In addition to the highly-requested Arcade Mode, the newly-announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will contain new features like Extra Battle Mode, Gallery, a redesigned UI and second V-Triggers for all 28 characters. All the new game-play related content will be available as part of a free in-game update for current Street Fighter V players. Street Fighter V: Arcade […]

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