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Space Raiders in Space – Release Trailer

Brought to you by 2 Stupid Devs (we’re not being mean, that’s their name) and Destructive Creations, comes the very creatively named Space Raiders in Space. Taking the form of a comic book come to life, this sci-fi tower defence game promises stupid jokes, addictive gameplay and a “deeper-than-expected” story. Space Raiders in Space is […]

Review: Rainbow Skies

After many hours of frustration Rik realises he actually enjoyed Rainbow Skies.

Review: Stellaris

Calum boldly explores the final frontier and finds a strange game with a few problems. Though if you enjoy grand strategy games, you’ll enjoy Stellaris.

BRB @ gamescom: Gremlins, Inc.

During gamescom, Simon was invited to get an early look at Gremlins, Inc. – a digital board game.

BRB @ gamescom: Stellaris

Simon was also invited to look at the newly unveiled Stellaris. A grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studios.

Review: Age of Wonders III – Eternal Lords

Eternal Lords, the second expansion for Age of Wonders 3, delivers even more turn-based, spell/counter-spell, multi-day time-sink goodness.

Review: Homeworld Remastered Collection

Almost 16 years after it’s original release Homeworld and it’s sequel have been re-released in glorious HD. Michael takes a look.

Review: Etherium

As far as PacManPolarBear can tell, the only people who have been actively playing Etherium are reviewers.

Eaten By a Polar Bear: Grey Goo

I’ve spent the last week or so playing Grey Goo in an effort to see just why exactly so many people were upset I did not single it out as one of the best new traditional base building RTS games.

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