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BRB UK 570: Robo Whiff Waff

That’s the thing about Robots, they tend to be very good at Table Tennis

BRB UK 378: Sonic for Valentine’s

Have a super-sexy Sonic filled Valentine’s Day. We’re not saying that Sonic is sexy but…

BRB UK 321: “Great Chat”

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Black Armoury, Hitman 2, Red Dead Redemption Online, Just Cause 4 and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Syndicate Review

Syndicate may have been an entirely different style of game in the past. Right here, right now though it is a futuristic first person shooter. Fans of the original isometric real-time strategy game may be disappointed that this is not more of a remake than a reimagining …

Trailer: Syndicate – Launch

The world of business is a battlefield, quite literally, as Syndicate immerses players into a time when companies have no one but the competition to answer to, and will go to any lengths for market dominance. When Syndicate launches on February 21st, players will have to use a blend of intense sci-fi shooter gameplay, with […]

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