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BRB UK 154: Gamescom 2015

Yes, it’s Gamescom week and even though Playstation is rather absent from the event this year, it’s still a huge time for game news.

Reinstalling SWTOR: A Tale of MMORPG Resentment and Reconciliation

This week, Kev reinstalled The Old Republic, and just like with the opening paragraph of this piece, the premise was more interesting than the reality.

gamescom 2014: EA Press Conference

EA have plenty of games for us to be looking forward to this year and next. They are clearly hoping this week’s gamescom press conference will entice us further.

Free To Play (Ain’t A Bad Place To Be)

Free to play games are nothing new, but with the rise of the iOS and Android marketplace games, there are more games using this model than ever before. Because of this flood there is a wide range of quality among these games

Sex, Violence & Video Games

Why is it that, when it comes to video games, sex is still a taboo topic yet violence is accepted?

EA PWNED – Gamescom 2012 Conference Round Up

Matt Cuttle talks us through everything that went down during EA’s press conference at Gamescom 2012 on day one. As well as the game trailers which can be found in our Gamescom coverage┬áso far, there’s some additional footage from the main stage in this special episode of PWNED, including NHL 13, EA Origin coming to […]

Eaten By a Polar Bear: Multiplayer Friends & Foes

Some games have great communities and are generally enjoyable whether you know who you are playing with or not. Some games, however, have toxic communities that actively discourage people from coming back. What do you do?

Time for MMOs to reinvent themselves

MMO’s are the abusive gaming genre that I just can’t get away from. MMO’s are Ike Turner and I’m Tina Turner. They’re Bobby Brown and I’m Whitne…vermind. Too soon?

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