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Contest: WIN Star Trek Goodies! Thanks to Namco Bandai

To help celebrate the launch of Star Trek: The Game, we at Big Red Barrel are boldly going to offer you the chance to win a selection of Star Trek awesomeness

Star Trek: The Video Game – Launch Trailer

Bridging the gap between the 2009 blockbuster and the upcoming Into Darkness, and with the same vocal talent from the movies, Star Trek: The Video Game promises to deliver the authentic Star Trek experience. There’s a new Vulcan, a Helios machine, wing suits, shuttle flying and plenty of space dinosaurs to shoot. Basically: Trekies foaming at the mouth […]

Star Trek: The Video Game – London Science Museum Event

Paramount Pictures and Namco Bandai brought the new Star Trek game to London’s Science Museum in an exclusive hands-on event. See what players and Star Trek fans alike thought of what they saw. Be sure to read our preview of the game from the event.

Preview: Star Trek The Video Game

I recently got to attend a preview event hosted by Namco Bandai, where they were showing off their latest title, Star Trek The Video Game.

Star Trek: The Video Game – Making the Game Part 1

Excited by the new film, and with characters like James T. Kirk and Spock, executive producer Brian Millar describes a little about the creation of Star Trek: The Video Game and the co-op gameplay players will experience.

Star Trek: The Game – Salvation Trailer

Join Kirk and Spock in this co-operative, third person adventure set in the Star Trek franchise being retold through the films. A strange technology has been found on the planet New Vulcan, that has the potential to save or wipe out all life in the galaxy, and it’s up to the crew of the USS […]

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