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BRB UK 4: Idiotsyncrasies

Pip-pip! It’s time for another steaming heap of Britishness to be delivered straight to your lug holes, so join Dan, Jon and Tim for yet another episode of BRB UK. Cravats and monocles are optional, but will give rise to a superior listening experience.

Trailer: SSX – I Defy Reality Live

You may have already read my report of this event or heard me talk about it on the podcast, but what I couldn’t tell you at the time was that we were being filmed for the trailer video you can see above. Details that I was not aware of when doing my previous write up; […]

Trailer: SSX – Own the Planet

You’d think EA would push back this trailer to get a good quote from Jon’s SSX review included, but still. It’s the launch trailer for SSX, so dust off those goggles and strap a plank to your feet, then go out there and defy reality! Official YouTube

SSX Review

It’s snow joke that everything new about this game is on very thin ice, but it’s redeemed by classic gameplay that’s still brrrrrilliant. But is SSX better than that awful joke? Read our verdict.

BRB UK 2: Face Of The Internet

It’s Vita day all over the planet! To while away the hours as you wait for your shiny Sony goodness, Dan, Jon and Tim have crimped out another portion of British podcasting goodness for your delectation.

SSX Mystery Pre-Launch Event

An air of mystery surrounded the SSX launch event. The invite was vague and gave little details other than to be prepared for something “death defying!” A coach awaited us to whisk us …

If You Have To Do An Online Pass, Follow The Freemium Model

Online Passes are, to put it simply, ugly as sin. Buying a game used to be, dare I say it, almost romantic: come home, hands shaking, open the box, take the disc out and flick through the manual hurriedly…

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