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Memorable Missions and Where To Find Them

Jamie revisits some of his favourite single player moments.

Violence Is Not (Always) The Answer

The opening hour of Bioshock Infinite is one of the most evocative in video games, but the level of violence in the game only evokes frustration from me.

Vincent’s Top 5 Games Of 2012

Without a doubt this has been a great year for games. Be it indie titles or big budget retail titles, some fantastic games have come out in 2012 with more than a few that ended up being wonderful surprises. I haven’t been able to play all of them, but here are the ones that were the best and most memorable for me.

Can You Be A Mass Murdering Hero?

The typical game narrative of being a hero setting out to singlehandedly save the universe is often at odds with the mechanics of killing hundreds, if not thousands of people to do so.

Spec Ops: The Line Review

Spec Ops: The Line has a number of technical and mechanical problems but, unlike many other war-based shooters, has a meaningful, thoughtful story that is likely to stay with you.

BRB UK 21: PlayStation Minus

Ahoy hoy! It’s time for you to get a cup of tea brewing, a crumpet toasting and BRB UK downloading as Dan, Jon and Tim are back to squirt out your weekly dose of video game Britishness.

Trailer: Spec Ops: The Line – Behind the Line Part 2

Go “behind the line” with Yager, the developers of Spec Ops: The Line in part 2 of this developer diary about the just-released third-person shooter from 2K Games.

Trailer: Spec Ops: The Line – Behind the Line Part 1

Go “behind the line” with Yager, developer of Spec Ops: The Line, in this new developer diary about the upcoming third-person shooter from 2K Games.

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