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SFM Video Of The Week – July 17th, 2012

Okay, I’m cheating and throwing up two this week. They’re both real short, but hilarious. In tkellaway‘s short, an audio sample is taken from the SFM official tutorials, and then thoroughly twisted and exaggerated to great effect. In phontomen‘s very short sequence, a DMX sample is used for seemingly no reason whatsoever. But hey, it […]

SFM Video Of The Week – July 9th, 2012

There is so much quality content coming out of the Source Filmmaker community right now that I could not help but start this feature. This week’s video comes from YouTube user, TheDKer. It is a storied Intel Run on the TF2 map, 2Fort. All of the VO is seemingly TF2 audio samples, but it has […]

Trailer: Source Filmmaker

Valve open up their video capture and editing tool to the public. This totally makes up for the lack of Half Life 3, right?

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