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DiRT Rally 2.0 Interview – Ross Gowing & Jon Armstrong

Gosh, those nice folks at Codematers invited us to check out the freshly announced DiRT Rally 2.0 and so we sent them a Tim. After getting his hands on the game and capturing some footage, Tim also got to interview the game’s Chief Games Designer, Ross Gowing and Rally Consultant, Jon Armstrong. DiRT Rally 2.0 […]

Review: Coast Guard

Coast Guard is far from smooth sailing. Ryan looks at why the waters are so choppy.

Preview: Project CARS

Coleman recently had the chance to get hands on Project CARS and see if this is the driving title we should all be getting excited over.

Preview: Mini Metro

Simon takes a look at the upcoming subway simulator Mini Metro and comes away impressed. He even gets some interesting developer insight.

Preview: 0RBITALIS

Ludum Dare 28’s theme, ‘You Only Get One’, inspired developer Alan Zucconi to create 0RBITALIS, a puzzle game come gravity simulation set in outer space.

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