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Review: SimCity

It’s a testament to just how much gamers love the SimCity franchise that so many of us (1.1 millon so far) gave Maxis the benefit of the doubt and pre-ordered or purchased SimCity at launch.

Why Always-Online DRM Needs To Go Away

With SimCity’s troubled launch continuing to make the headlines, never has it been more clear why always-online DRM must go the way of the dodo.

How Will Wright Play’s the New SimCity

What bigger test could there be for the latest game in a simulation series, than to have original title’s creator play it and discuss what he thinks. Will Wright does exactly that with the new SimCity. How will he react to the new features that have been added? And better yet, what kind of city […]


In this week’s PWNED, Matt chats with Mark Meer aboard the Normandy about his experience voicing Commander Shepard, Julia explores SimCity and it’s multiplayer and David Rutter talks FIFA 13 on the EA Sports Desk. Plus, there’s a chance to win a signed Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 in the episode’s YouTube comments. PWNED is […]

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