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The Last of Us – Launch Trailer

Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who’s braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States. Despite all […]

Killzone: Mercenary – E3 Trailer

Killzone: Mercenary game throws players into a deadly firefight as the ruthless Mercenary faction, taking on paid contracts not only from the dangerous ISA, but the vicious Helghast as well. There is no good. There is no evil. There is only the mission… and the money. Now you can play Killzone on the move, in […]

Knack – E3 Trailer

Watch the official E3 2013 trailer for Knack, with brand new gameplay footage and stunning cutscenes, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. The game still looks fairly ‘kiddy’ to me, perhaps that’s just because of the art style though. The gameplay itself looks like it could be a fair amount of fun, who wouldn’t enjoy smashing […]

inFAMOUS Second Son – E3 Trailer

Reggie isn’t so sure if the people will be so accepting of his brother’s new found superpowers… but Delsin Rowe can’t get enough of his powers and he’s ready to show Seattle what he can do. What he can do appears to be turn to fire, fly and kill a load of stuff. If I […]

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