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Close My Open Worlds For Better Games

Tim attempts to explore the environment of open world bloat, without tripping over and falling on his face.

Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

At a point around half way through the campaign – I paused Ryse and said out loud; “Am I playing the same game that everyone else reviewed?”

Event: Xbox Area One Tour

For the four of you who don’t know the Xbox One launches this Friday all over the world and I got to play it early at the Area One Tour.

BRB UK 64: Xbox One Eighty

We’re all still recovering from the onslaught of gaming goodness from E3 2013 – and we even had a Brit on the ground getting hands-on with everything (and not just games).

E3 2013 – Preview: Ryse: Son of Rome

At E3 I had a hands-on opportunity with Ryse: Son of Rome. I also had the chance to hear Cevat Yerli (Founder, CEO and President of Crytek) talk through an extended viewing of the Ryse demo shown at the Microsoft press conference.

Ryse: Son of Rome – E3 Gameplay Demo

Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise a legend. Xbox One and Crytek immerse you in ancient Rome, where you will become soldier Marius Titus, fighting to restore the honor of Rome at any cost. In what looks like Microsoft’s answer to God of War crossed with Kingdom underfire Romans have english accents […]

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