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BRB UK 424: Xbox One Picks

Continuing with our post-mortem of the last generation, we’re looking at the Xbox One

Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

At a point around half way through the campaign – I paused Ryse and said out loud; “Am I playing the same game that everyone else reviewed?”

BRB UK 83: Xbattenberg One

Console launches, eh? They’re frankly two-a-penny these days – but fear not, as Dan, Jon and Tim are taking one for the team and slavishly playing away on all the new hotness that’s landed.

Ryse: Son of Rome – Launch Trailer

Ryse is shaping up, and no longer the elephant in the Xbox One launch line up. Take charge of the legions of Rome, as they defend the empire from the amassing barbarian forces, launching on November 22nd.

BRB @ EGX: Preview: Ryse: Son of Rome

While the Xbox may be the usual stomping platform for Spartans, there’s a distinct lack of them in the Xbox One’s launch line up.

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