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Dead Cells: Fatal Falls – Gameplay Trailer

New DLC for Dead Cells means more ways to violently smash your head against the wall in frustration of dropping all your cells to an undeserving baddie. Fatal Falls brings two new levels with new enemies and a new challenging boss. Just remember… stay off the flowers! Dead Cells’ Fatal Falls DLC launches on January […]

Mad Crown – Announcement Trailer

This grim but pretty looking game is Mad Crow, a post-apocalyptic RPG roguelike that incorporates elements of dungeon crawling. Following nuclear armageddon, Leviathans raise up to the surface, ravaging the earth before leaving a wasteland in their wake. Now a powerful artefact that’s said to contain the power of the Gods has come to light and you, along with every […]

Review: Forest of Fate

Pater takes a look at an “old school” unfair world where death lurks around every corner!

Big Red Ramble: Enter The Gungeon

This delightful little indie shooter was released this year from the mad minds at developer Dodge Roll and it’s publisher Devolver Digital. Reuben’s played a few hours but struggled to get  past the first boss(es). Can manage it in this video? Probably not, but it’ll be fun watching him try. To see other BigRedRambles and […]

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