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BRB UK 228: Dickorations

Coleman & Tim are joined by Alex this week to talk about The Toy Fair, Mekazoo, Overwatch, Robinson the Journey & more.

PS VR Proves VR is Here to Stay

Tim believes that Sony’s PlayStation VR helps to demonstrate why VR is more than a short-term gimmick.

Review: Robinson: The Journey

Using Crytek’s engine, Robinson: The Journey has become Diarmuid’s new ‘call-over-and-let-me-show-off-VR-to-you’ game.

Robinson: The Journey – Beginning of the Journey

One of the most intriguing (and visually impressive) PlayStation VR titles is Robinson: The Journey. Crytek have clearly imbued it with their secret sauce. This dev diary covers the inspirations behind the game’s sci-fi story and environments.

Robinson: The Journey – An Adventure Begins

Announced at E3 last year but missing from Sony’s press conference this year was Robinson: The Journey, a new VR game from Crytek coming to PSVR. A new trailer has just been released for the game that gives us a better look at the title and shows off what we will be doing in the game.

BRB UK 167: Paris Games Week 2015

Team BRB UK check out all the PlayStation shiny shines including Tekken 7, Robinson: The Journey, Detroit: Become Human & more

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