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BRB UK 181: Electric Brie

Want to hear about some video games? Don’t worry, BRB UK can hook you up with Ironcast, Street Fighter V, Quiplash and more.

Quantum Break – E3 Trailer

See how time stutters and freezes in Quantum Break, the new action franchise developed by Remedy. Running real time, in engine. It’s very pretty, and the premise of the game, along with it’s mechanics, sound very appealing, but DAMN are those faces creepy as hell. Some real uncanny valley stuff going on there.

Quantum Break – Trailer

The trailer for the first official Xbox One exclusive is here.¬†Complete with creepy girl and her teddy bear, ¬†along with some fabulous next generation graphics the trailer’s an odd mix of filmed and computer generated footage. “Time is the fire in which we burn”

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