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Trials Rising: Closed Beta – Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Just when you think the Trials series is starting to look a little stale (or at least I was), along comes the fantastic looking Trials: Rising, announced at the previous Ubisoft E3 live stream. Well, of course, it’s come crashing through the doors of Gamescom 2018 to announce a closed beta for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox […]

CONTEST: WIN! Trials Fusion on PS4

Thanks to the fine people at RedLynx and Ubisoft, you can enjoy all the craziness of being an avid, adventurous Trial biking daredevil without the lengthy downtime and expensive hospital bills.

Review: Trials Fusion

mazingly in the time I spent with the game I did not break my controller – although my Xbox One has been subject to a few rage quits over the past few days.

Trials Frontier – Launch Trailer

The award-winning game series Trials has made it’s first appearance on a mobile platform. Today you can grab the free-to-play title Trials Frontier on all of your iOS type devices, and enjoy the crazy physics engine on the go.

Trailer: Trials Evolution – Origin of Pain DLC Teaser

Prepare to get hurt… again, and again, and again in new DLC for Trials Evolution, bound to add new stages and map editor items designed specifically to inflict pain.

Trials Evolution Review

Trials HD was a game that, despite a difficulty curve that often resulted in defenestration of your controller, was one of the best offerings that XBLA had to offer. So, does Trials Evolution improve on the original?

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