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Review: Rayman Legends

Rayman is back for yet another bout of 2D platforming fun and he’s better than ever on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Review: A-Men 2

With the growth in the Vita’s library since the original A-Men helped launch the system, A-Men 2 aims to entice a larger audience.

BRB UK 3: Angry Sackboy Rash

It’s that time of the week where it’s officially BRB UK o’clock – so don your cravat, imbibe a cup of Earl Grey and join Dan, Jon and Tim for your weekly fix of British blathering.

Rayman: Origins Review

When Rayman: Origins was released it was amongst a plethora of much higher-profile games. Sadly I, like many others, missed out on it during that rush, but the Vita has given Rayman a home that deserves – no, demands recognition.

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