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Review: Trailblazers

Reuben reviews Trailblazers, a fast-paced racing game from Supergonk and Rising Star Games, set in a Saturday morning cartoon that never existed.

Review: WRC 5

The motorsport licence’s trend of mediocrity continues with an underwhelming next-gen tune-up. Back to Kwik Fit with this one.

AG Drive – Preview Trailer

Inspired by the likes of WipeOut and F-Zero comes AG Drive, a brand new futuristic racing title for mobile devices. AG Drive is available today for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for £2.99 via the App Store.

Review: GRID Autosport

Codemasters’ latest GRID promises to be the one-size-fits-all suit of racing games. Is it a game of its word? Jon straps on his best racing goggles to investigate.

Review: GRID 2

Codemasters’ on-road racing franchise returns after a half-decade reprieve. Is it a first place place finish or is GRID 2 disqualified?

Preview: GRID 2

I recently got the chance to go hands-on with both the single- and multiplayer portions of GRID 2 and Codemasters are aiming to add it to the ranks of their other racing classics.

Review: F1 2012

Formula 1 is a glamorous sport that is, I’m sure you’ll agree, difficult to recreate if you’re sat on a couch in a 2-bed flat. So does F1 2012 manage to recreate the exciting highs and lows of the sport, or does it end up careering into the wall of chumpions?

DiRT Showdown Review

Our review of DiRT 3’s fast and loose cousin: stripped of the pencil skirt, garnished in fake tan and ready to party.

F1 2011 Review

I’m a massive petrol head and general lover of all things motorsport. So imagine my joy when I heard that F1 2011 was racing over to the Vita – is Sumo Digital’s port a motorsport masterpiece, or has it all gone a bit Wacky Races?

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