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After a lengthy post-2015 holiday, Dan, Tim & Coleman have returned to save your ear holes from the silence of not having Team BRB UK around. We’re sorry.

BRB UK 139: Thresh Raptr Attack

Another episode brings another superb guest joining Tim & Coleman. This week it’s CEO & Founder of & – Dennis Fong.

Review: New Nintendo 3DS XL

A new iteration of Nintendo’s flagship handheld hardware is upon us and it is unquestionably the best version of its 3DS system yet.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + – Launch Trailer

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + is now available on 3DS from Bandai Namco. The + signifies the added features which have been included in this version for the new 3DS hardware, including Amiibo support and use of the new C-stick. So go get your Mario-themed F15 and dog-fight to your heart’s content.

BRB UK 114: C-Stick Cheat Code

We’re just about back on track (in a temporal sense), but we managed to lose Jon. So join Dan, Tim and special guest Kev as they talk about Destiny, some news and a bit more Destiny.

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